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Fabricator invests in gantry robot system to cope with demands

When Sandbach based company, Newfield Fabrications Co Ltd, were considering to expand their robot welding capacity for larger assemblies to the yellow goods industry. Read more >>>

Fully automatic welding and handling

At its plant in Dingolfing where aluminium front-axle beams for its 1 and 3 series cars are manufactured, BMW needed to produce the same output with fewer work stations and robots and less operating staff than for its 7 series. Read more >>>

Top weld performers

KTM motorcycles manufactured in Mattinghofen, Austria are top performers, having won the gruelling Dakar Rally six times and an incredible 120 world championship titles. Read more >>>

Robotic arc welding of seat frames

When Wild Springs & Wireforms won the contract to manufacture the frame supporting the rear seat cushion in the latest Astra saloon cars, Vauxhall specified that the wire frame should be MIG welded rather than spot welded. Read more >>>

Robots streamline seat production

Isringhausen GmbH & Co. KG, is the leading manufacturer of seat systems for commercial vehicles in Europe. In March 2006, Daimler Chrysler began serial production of the successor to the reliable “Sprinter” van. Isringhausen, Read more >>>

Robots realise cost effective production of exhaust system parts

BAK Boysen Abgaskomponenten GmbH mainly manufactures exhaust systems including top-range engines for the BMW 7 series, Audi A8 and VW Phaeton. Production consists of many variants and small batch sizes. Read more >>>

Motoman welding robots in jigless welding application

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