KTM manufactures motorcycles in Mattinghofen, Austria. The motorcycles are a top performers, having won the grueling Dakar Rally six times and an incredible 120 world championship titles. Keeping weight light and delivering outstanding handling characteristics and performance demands precision manufacturing with zero defects.


KTM began using MOTOMAN welding robots in 1991. Today, the motorcycle manufacturer has nine robots in continuous operation on a three-shift production schedule. The robots are used to weld motorcycle frames and silencers which are made from stainless steel, chrome and molybdenum steel. The frames consist of about 60 parts, while silencers contain two to ten parts. About 30 motorcycle frames are produced each day at KTM. The frames are not welded in one sequence but in different stages. The entire welding process for a frame takes about 45 minutes. During this process, production workers are constantly checking the production to ensure the highest standard. For KTM, one of the most important advantages of the MOTOMAN robot system is its reliability. The most recent welding systems have been in continuous operation for three years without a hitch. MOTOMAN also provides fast and expert technical support through its sales office near Munich and can deliver spare parts quickly when needed.


In comparison with manual welding, the MOTOMAN robots have saved at least 50 percent in personnel costs and production time. The payback time for the robots when operated three shifts per day is about 1.5 years. In addition, there is an optical advantage in mechanically welded seams. Between 5.500 and 5.600 motorcycle frames are manufactured per month with a scrap rate of less than 0.1 percent, and the repeatability of welding seams is almost 100 percent. Mr. Zauchner, production manager responsible for the robots:“The precisions and rapid repetition accuracy of the MOTOMAN robot is outstanding. Another plus is the high operating speed and very excellent availability of the robots. In addition, operation of the system is very user friendly.”

Motoman welding robot at KTM

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9x MOTOMAN HP6 robots


Reduced manpower cost: 50%
Scrap rate: less than 0.1%
Weld repeatability: 100%
ROI: 1.5 years