MotoVRC off-line programming and simulation

MotoVRC is a comprehensive software package for off-line programming and 3D simulation of robot systems based on NX100, DX100 and FS100 controllers. MotoVRC provides a graphical visualisation of the robot and robot cell. The operation of the virtual robot system is identical to the real robot, using a virtual teach pendant that corresponds to the one of the real robot system in both appearance and performance. MotoVRC supports multi-robot systems (twin or triple configurations, etc).

Main functions

Virtual robot controller

Configuration and operation of the virtual controller are the same as for the real controller. 1:1 mapping of the real teach pendant on the PC screen. This applies for the creation of programs, the editing of conditional files as well as the configuration of the robot system in maintenance mode. Multi-robot configurations are also supported. Thus MotoVRC is ideally suited for the familiarisation with the real robot controller and if certain pieces of equipment are missing in the real environment.

Graphical simulation

The integrated CAD import filter for IGES, SAT and HSF files allows the simple adoption of graphical models. The internal model editor also enables the creation of models in MotoVRC.

Offline programming

Motion programs can be created in MotoVRC. These can then be transferred directly to the real robot controller. Provided that corresponding CAD models are available, points on the path can be taught directly on the work piece with a simple mouse click (OLP function). The optional MotoCalvEG tool, can then be used to adapt the virtual system layout within MotoSim to the real circumstances. This minimises the need for reprogramming on the real system.

Reach and accessibility investigations

MotoVRC enables the quick setup and analysis of system layouts. MotoVRC benefits here from the integrated HOOPS graphics engine. Distances can be measured directly. The user interface contains convenient tools, such as collision check and user-defined 3D views.

Additional components


The MotoVRC installation package includes a full version of MotoSim, the proven planning and simulation tool. MotoSim is an integral part of the MotoVRC license and can thus not be operated separately from MotoVRC.

Model library

In addition to the robot models, the library contains a wide range of models of peripheral devices, such as positioners, welding equipment, conveyors, etc.

Example cells

MotoVRC contains a number of example cells. These can be used, for example, to demonstrate more complex system configurations.

MotoSim viewer function

MotoSim simulations can be exported as web applications. This means that the completed simulations can be played in a browser without having to install MotoSim. This allows the easy distribution of completed simulations to clients or partners.

Scope of supply

System requirements

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