Add value to your robot welding production with increased flexibility

The majority of assemblies will require turning to bring the joint in a suitable position for welding. Positioners from YASKAWA do this automatically with high precision. There are numerous advantages for using a positioner in your robotic welding cell.

Motoman robot and welding positioner from Yaskawa

Benefits of using a positioner

  Weld faster and improve access and weld quality

Weld more complex assemblies

Eliminate manual manipulation and handling of assemblies whilst at the same time reducing cycle times due to short positioning times of the robot and the positioner.

Weld in the optimal welding position

Bring the joint into the most favourable welding position to ensure high weld integrity, increased welding speed and improved bead profile. Use a two axes positioner for ultimate flexibility.

Increase the reach of the robot

Joints that are outside the limit of the robot’s working envelope may be rotated so the robot can still reach these joints - or more complex assemblies may be rotated in such a way that the robot gains easier access avoiding tooling locations and clamps..

Use your robot as an orbital welding machine

The robot can weld around pipes by just rotating the positioner with the additional flexibility that the robot can weld many different tube diameters without the need for time consuming set-up procedures. Complex tube to tube saddle joints can be handled with ease.

Improved quality

The combined system accuracy of the MOTOMAN robot working with a positioner in terms of repeatability and path accuracy is extremely high, which results in superior weld quality.






Horizontal vertical welding position Vertical down welding position Gravity welding position

Vertical down position
for thin plate welding

Horizontal - Vertical position
for medium to thick plate

Gravity position
for thick plate welding

Consult us for the right model for your application.