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Improve profitability

Robots work fast and are often configured in systems with multiple stations so they can work continuously, around the clock if needed. Even a direct comparison with manual labour for the same production output often yields a favourable rate of return.

Improve competitiveness

Customers who use welding robots can apply a lower costs when bidding for new contracts which helps them to be more competitive without affecting profits. In addition it provides a more secure production cost model or the future.

Improve flexibility

A welding robot is a programmable machine that can be used to create many different programs to deal with many different products. The flexibility of a robot is superior to any dedicated production solution and often has a lower investment level.

Improve quality

Robots have excellent path following and repeatable accuracy. In combination with optimum process parameters, the robot delivers unrivalled and consistent quality with minimal amounts of weld spatter thus adding even further value to your business.

Reduce floor space

Robot welding cells can be constructed to take up minimal floor space and compared to manual process demand less floor space for the same output.

Reduce dependence on manual labour

Address productions peaks due to seasonal output. If you employ skilled personnel to carry out processes that demand high quality, then a robot can be used to meet and often exceed manual skill levels and reduce the cost of staff turnover.

Reduce Health & Safety issues

Welding fumes and arc flash represent hazards to human welders. Companies no longer need to worry about special needs or procedures making it a lot easier for you to get on with their production.

Reduce work in progress

Customers who use welding robots can produce to order rather than build up stock. This way the cost of storing and handling products can be dramatically reduced.

Reduce scrap and waste

The output from the robot is consistent with predictable results, day in day out, year in year out. The robot can help to dramatically reduce costs associated with waste, scrap or rework.

Reduce capital cost

Robot systems are affordable, reduce capital and overhead costs. Modern robot technology is also environmentally friendly and reduces energy cost.











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