Dramatically extend the reach of the robot with a gantry system, which is servo controlled and integrated in the robot control system for easy programming. Suitable for welding very large fabrications such as chassis, digger buckets, cabs etc.

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Robot controllers

Highly innovative and advanced robot controllers allowing synchronised control of up to eight robots or 72 axes with one single controller and above all, easy to use.

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MOTOMAN robots

High performance 6 and 7 axes arc welding robots with excellent accuracy and speed  performance. MOTOMAN robots have been the natural choice for many companies in the automotive and general industry.

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Bring the joint in the appropriate welding position using a servo controlled positioner. It is integrated in the robot control system and therefore easy to program. Choose from single or multiple station, single axes or twin axes manipulation with capacities from 250 kg to 20,000 kg.

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Linear tracks

Our linear tracks are servo controlled to provide high accuracy and are integration into the robot control system so they are easy to program. Use a linear track to extend the longitudinal range of the robot or to create multiple adjacent work stations.

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Robotic products from Yaskawa for welding

Robotic products overview

  Designed to deliver high performance and long term reliability


Fixtures can be designed and manufactured by YASKAWA in house or may be supplied via a local sub-supplier. These range from simple manual fixtures to sophisticated automatic fixtures featuring pneumatic clamping and part and clamp sensing that are interfaced via a bus system and a PLC and HMI (Human Machine Interface).