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Flexibility is our strength

With extensive European production facilities based in Sweden, Germany and Slovenia, we can supply complete production lines including tooling for the automotive industry as well as large welding systems for the yellow goods and general industry.

Consultation is the essential ingredient

Whether you are a customer with a requirement for a just a single simple robotic welding cell or a multiple complex welding systems, YASKAWA is the company to provide the solution that is right for your particular application.

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Our core purpose is to enhance the competitiveness of our clients by reducing their manufacturing cost with effective robotic automation solutions.  We will be delighted to evaluate your application. Contact us now!

Standardisation is our expertise

YASKAWA delivers standard robotic welding solutions, under the name of ArcSystems, using our renowned brand of MOTOMAN industrial robots. These systems provide high productivity with consistent quality.

YouTube video welding stoves

Two MOTOMAN robots work together with a servo controlled twin station rotary positioner welding wood burning stoves. Two stoves are loaded into fixtures on station 1 of the positioner, whilst at station 2 the two robots are welding a stove each. The robots and positioner are part of a single robot control system, which means that both robots know the relative position of the positioner. This ensure excellent cross talk communication whilst the system is easy to program. Also note the hose bundle is fed through the upper arm of the MA series robots, which means that there is less interference allowing the robot get access into restricted areas.

Motoman welding robot from Yasakwa welding KTM bike frame

Robot welding solutions

  Increase productivity, improve quality, become more competitive